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At Legal Lion Employment Law Firm PLLC, our commitment to assisting federal employees goes beyond providing legal support; it's about ensuring direct legal access and personalized attention. Our clients interact directly with our experienced attorneys, ensuring that their concerns are heard and addressed comprehensively. We believe in the importance of open communication, which is why we offer free consultations without time restraints, making quality legal guidance accessible to all.

Our dedication to cost-effectiveness means that we prioritize helping federal employees navigate PPP challenges without burdening them with exorbitant legal fees. Furthermore, we understand the demands of federal employment, which is why we're available outside of standard business hours upon request, making it convenient for you to access the assistance you need. Your rights matter, and we're here to protect them.

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What are Prohibited Personnel Practices?

Prohibited personnel practices (PPP) refer to any actions by an employer that violate federal law, including discrimination, retaliation for whistleblowing, coercing political activity, or obstructing an individual's right to compete for employment. Our attorneys are well-versed in handling such cases with utmost diligence and expertise.


An employer cannot discriminate based on race/color, religion/creed, national origin/ancestry, sex/gender, disability status (physical or mental), age, marital status, or political affiliation. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel handles cases involving marital status and political affiliation, while complaints involving discrimination should go to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Our Tampa Bay PPP lawyers can help you file a complaint if you believe you have been a victim of discrimination in the federal workforce.

Retaliation for Whistleblowing

If an employee reports misconduct within their organization either internally or externally - commonly known as whistleblowing - this PPP provides protection against retaliation from their employers. If these protections are violated in any way then it is considered a prohibited practice.

Coercion of Political Activity

This refers to using job influence to coerce an employee into participating in political activity. It is unlawful under the Hatch Act of 1939 which prevents federal employees from engaging in partisan politics while on duty.

Infringement on Competition Rights

A person's right to fairly compete for employment should not be hindered. Any deliberate actions to obstruct someone's employment opportunities in the federal sector are considered prohibited practices.

How Can Legal Lion Employment Law Firm PLLC help?

Our team of experienced Prohibited Personnel Practices lawyers in Tampa Bay will guide you through the process of filing a complaint, ensuring your rights are protected and that justice is served.

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