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When you become involved with a legal conflict as a federal employee, you need legal representation that is well-versed in the intricacies of federal employment law. Federal employees and agencies operate under highly specific rules and procedures when adjudicating disputes and other legal matters.

Our attorneys at Legal Lion Employment Law Firm can give you the guidance and support you need when navigating federal employment matters .

We have the experience, drive, and knowledge to fiercely advocate for your interests and ensure your rights are protected, enforced, and honored.

Our team or Tampa employment lawyers has an intimate familiarity with how federal agencies operate and the rules that govern them, equipping us to advise you on your options.

Protect your federal career with our help. Call our number (813) 437-4447 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with our team.

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Every Case Requires a Different Approach

Our federal employment attorneys at Legal Lion Employment Law Firm, located in the Tampa Bay Area, understand that every case is different and will require a unique approach.

Our legal services are tailored to the needs and circumstances of each client and we will work with you to ensure our strategies are aligned with your goals.

We will fight for your rights every step of the way and are dedicated to delivering the results you need and deserve.

Do not face your federal employment law conflict alone. Call (813) 437-4447 or contact us online to discuss your case with our team.

  • Direct Legal Access

    Clients will interact with our attorneys directly instead of office staff and paralegals.

  • Free Consultations

    Free Consultations are available for every situation without time restraints.

  • Cost Effective

    We keep costs low and effective for all of our clients. It is more important for us to help federal employees in need of guidance and advice.

  • Available Outside Business Hours

    We make ourselves available outside of business hours upon request.  

Fighting to Secure Relief for Federal Employees

Our employment attorneys understand that a dispute involving your federal occupation can be stressful and overwhelming.

Whether you have received a notice of proposed adverse action or have suffered from discriminatory behavior, a conflict with your federal employer can result in devastating consequences to:

  • Your professional reputation
  • Your career
  • And personal safety

Prevailing in your dispute will be critical to the health of your career in both the public and private sectors.

In too many cases, federal employees’ rights are not appropriately honored, and federal employees are left without their voice being heard when conflicts arise, leading to:

  • Unjust suspensions
  • Demotions
  • Terminations
  • And rejections of reasonable accommodations
  • And more

We make it our mission to right the wrongs federal employees face in the workplace and to ensure our client’s voices are heard to ensure just results when issues arise in the workplace. This will often involve exploring multiple options with you to ensure we select the appropriate agency or court for your circumstance, which our experience with the various appeal routes available to federal employees permits us to ensure you are guided in the right direction.

Too often, our firm encounters employees who have worked with attorneys unfamiliar with the administrative processes unique to federal employees, causing employees to miss out on available non-monetary and monetary damages they have suffered When an complaint or appeal is successfully sought, injured employees can often recover compensatory damages, achieve restoration of employment, receive back pay and benefits, and be reimbursed for legal fees. Our team can review the specifics of your case and identify what types of relief you may be eligible for.

Passionate About Our Clients

We emphasize transparency and honesty in our services. When you come to us with a case, our team will thoroughly evaluate the facts and determine if we will be able to help. We will always be forthright about the strength and weaknesses of your matter in considering a given strategy, including if we believe we cannot provide meaningful assistance.

In some situations, we may be able to provide you with free training and resources right from our Tampa Bay Area offices that can help you address your case without additional legal assistance. Our federal employment attorneys at Legal Lion Employment Law Firm understand that every case is different and will require a unique approach.

Our legal services are tailored to the needs and circumstances of each client and our attorneys will work with you to ensure our strategies are aligned with your goals. At every step, we will fight for your rights and are dedicated to delivering the results you need and deserve.

Committed to Serving Your Needs

Our firm is ready to go the extra mile to give you the legal support that you need and deserve. As part of your complimentary initial consultation, we will work to understand every facet of your situation, the available evidence, and your specific goals and concerns.

From there, we will help you understand your rights and legal options. You will work directly with our federal employment law attorneys who are based out of the Tampa Bay Area to develop an effective legal strategy, and will never be directed to a paralegal or non-attorney as a buffer to your communications with your lead attorney.

We are flexible and create a plan specific to your needs. For situations requiring immediate legal assistance, like receiving notice that you are the subject of an administrative investigation, we are available outside of regular business hours upon request. We also strive to make our services cost-effective and will work with you to create a payment plan that suits your budget.

Our ultimate goal is to help you overcome whatever challenges you face. We serve all federal employees through our offices in the Tampa Bay Area. Our team is committed to championing the rights of federal workers: We provide free educational and training resources to help federal employees of all classifications understand their specific rights and how to properly enforce them.

In addition to assisting individual clients, our firm also regularly works to support federal employee local unions. The invaluable organizing efforts of the various federal unions bringing together bargaining unit members in the federal workplaces are responsible for many of the benefits and protections afforded to federal occupations, and we are passionate about assisting the member of federal local unions and their representatives with ongoing legal and educational support.

“Integrity, Honesty & Drive!”

- Eddie M.

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