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About Us

Fighting for the Rights of Federal Employees

Legal Lion Employment Law Firm is dedicated to supporting federal employees when they experience employment conflicts, discrimination, or in circumstances when an employee is faced with the need to report wrongdoing by its employer agency. Our firm’s attorneys have a wealth of experience in working with federal agencies and are intimately familiar with the mechanisms and procedures by which many reports of wrongdoing, violations of law, and other types of “whistleblowing” are adjudicated. Further, whether you are facing a conflict in the workplace from performance issues, conduct issues, or facing harassment of various kinds, our attorneys know the steps you need to take to ensure your rights are protected and supported. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you will feel confident you have the tools you need to stay secure in your position and overcome the hurdles you are facing in the workplace.

Our team exclusively focuses its practice in this area and has extensive knowledge of the relevant laws and procedures as it may relate to your federal employment agency and position.

Our attorneys at Legal Lion Employment Law Firm can assist you in numerous areas, including cases involving:

We are proud to offer free initial consultations for prospective clients. You will get direct access to our attorneys, who will work to understand the facts of your case, address concerns and questions, and determine how we may be able to assist you. We can also be reached outside of normal business hours when you need emergency legal advice.

Our Mission

At Legal Lion Employment Law Firm, we aim to help and inform as many federal employees as possible. In addition to our various legal services, we provide free educational and training resources and offer more detailed, group training sessions for a fee so that those in federal occupations can better understand their rights. We are here to protect your employment rights so that you can assist and protect the public, our military, and our Veterans.

Our firm is also committed to supporting the work of federal employee unions throughout the United States. Our attorneys are committed to ensuring that the rights of federal unions and their members are protected. Union members rely on their union locals to be their advocate on issues regarding practical workplace policies, such as fair wages, and to protect their rights when the agency oversteps or discriminates against bargaining unit members.

We Educate & Train To Empower Federal Employees With Knowledge

To expediently meet the needs of federal employee union members, as outside general counsel, we assist union locals by helping to navigate complex labor laws, educating and training new representatives and members to ensure the local’s members have a full understanding of the legal implications related to members’ issues, and by strategizing with local leaders on how to best protect their members rights depending on the local’s specific and unique needs. We can provide the additional legal support to help your local and its members fight to enforce their employment rights and to ensure their bargained for employment protections and benefits in your collective bargaining agreements are abided by and respected by management.

If you are a federal employee confused about your rights or are concerned your rights may have been violated, we want to help. Whether are you under investigation for a proposed disciplinary action or are being refused a reasonable accommodation for a disability, we can give you the guidance you need in understanding your legal options and what approaches may be most conducive to achieving a favorable outcome.

Discuss your case with us by calling (813) 437-4447 or contacting us online.

The Importance of Finding the Right Federal Employee Attorney

When you are struggling with a legal matter involving your federal occupation, you need legal representation that has a specific and intimate understanding of federal employment law. In most cases, federal employees have limited venues and are subject to different rules and procedures when addressing employment conflicts than those in the private sector, or even those of state government employees. Our team understands these nuances, including those that are specific to specialized employee classifications, like Title 38 employees.

Strong legal representation that has a robust knowledge of federal employment law can be the difference in your case prevailing. In many situations, an unfavorable decision in an employment conflict can lead to long-term consequences. A disciplinary or adverse action, for example, will appear on your Official Personnel File (OPF) indefinitely and will likely negatively impact your ability to seek new jobs in both the public and private sectors. If you are unable to secure the reasonable accommodation you need to do your job or your employer does not properly abide by the reasonable accommodation process required of them, you may not be able to adequately perform your position functions and your position could become insecure . Further, if you are do not file a claim timely or in the proper venue, you may lose your ability to pursue any type of action, and be subject to additional workplace hostility or even retaliation with no place to remedy the treatment.

The attorneys at Legal Lion Employment Law Firm will do everything possible to deliver the results you need in your case. We understand your career is at stake and will do everything possible to protect your interests.

Our team can give you the representation you need in your federal employment law conflict. Call (813) 437-4447 or contact us online today.

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